Master’s thesis

B2B mar­ket­ing automa­tion: Do Ger­man-speak­ing hid­den cham­pi­ons use the oppor­tu­ni­ties of mar­ket­ing automa­tion?


(Writ­ten in Ger­man)

If you are inter­est­ed, please inquire, I will then send you the the­sis.

The How To Sell Big Book-Serie

How To Sell Big on WeChat

WeChat, as an appli­ca­tion from Ten­cent, is China’s largest social media chan­nel. This book explains how the Chi­nese social media chan­nel can be used for mar­ket­ing of indi­vid­ual entre­pre­neurs and com­pa­nies.

How To Sell Big on Weibo

Wei­bo, the social media chan­nel of the Sina Wei­bo Corp. is the largest micro-blog­ger ser­vice world­wide in terms of user num­bers. This book explains how to use and oper­ate Wei­bo for mar­ket­ing pur­pos­es.

How To Sell Big with Free Books

Free e‑books are a strate­gic ele­ment to grow busi­ness through viral mar­ket­ing. This book cov­ers strate­gies and dis­tri­b­u­tion plat­forms for dis­trib­ut­ing free e‑books for lead gen­er­a­tion.

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This book deals with the key­word research for online mar­ket­ing activ­i­ties. The right key­words are a deci­sive fac­tor for the rank­ing posi­tion of web­sites in the search engines Google and Bing.

Blogs and Websites

The blog shares insid­er tips and know-how about online mar­ket­ing and process automa­tion.

Besides, the smart fic­tion sto­ry “Push2Peak — The sto­ry of the com­pa­ny Niegel&Nagelneu” is told. In this sto­ry, the medi­um-sized mechan­i­cal engi­neer­ing com­pa­ny Niegel&Nagelneu, which is about to go bank­rupt, finds a new way to devel­op new mar­kets and win new cus­tomers via the inter­net using tools, experts and strate­gies of online mar­ket­ing.

For this sto­ry, inter­views with experts from all busi­ness areas are con­duct­ed, which are then trans­formed into fic­tion­al con­ver­sa­tions with the main char­ac­ters of the sto­ry. Thus the man­ag­ing direc­tor Carl Ernst Ober­haupt talks to man­age­ment con­sul­tants, the mar­ket­ing depart­ment man­ag­er Mark Etinger goes to sem­i­nars and meets speak­ers from the field of online mar­ket­ing, the sales direc­tor Volk­er Ver­trieb meets renowned cus­tomers and the account­ing depart­ment, led by Doris Dauer, makes tele­phone calls in search of help to auto­mate process­es.

In addi­tion to the indi­vid­u­al­ly pub­lished chap­ters, fur­ther arti­cles explain strate­gies, exist­ing tools or clar­i­fy process­es.

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(Blog only avail­able in Ger­man)

The top­ic “plat­form hack­ing” is espe­cial­ly close to my heart, because I real­ly enjoy it 🙂 I found­ed the blog for this top­ic in June 2020, called “How To Sell Big”, which is meant to be a sup­ple­ment to the book series.

Plat­form hack­ing” is what I call here, the cor­rect use of algo­rithms to be suc­cess­ful on spe­cif­ic plat­forms.

So in this blog I explain how YouTube SEO works, how ads on Insta­gram per­form, how to pub­lish your own book on the plat­form IngramSpark, why the plat­form HARO can help you with SEO, how to opti­mize your pins on Pin­ter­est etc.

The blog is main­tained in Eng­lish.

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I found­ed the web­site as an ori­en­ta­tion guide for my ger­man course par­tic­i­pants.

With the help of the inte­grat­ed per­son­al­i­ty test, users can find out which job in online mar­ket­ing suits them best. After all, dif­fer­ent per­son­al­i­ties and skills are required in the dif­fer­ent areas of online mar­ket­ing. A per­for­mance man­ag­er, for exam­ple, must have dif­fer­ent skills than a con­tent man­ag­er, e‑commerce man­ag­er or social media man­ag­er.

Fur­ther­more, users learn about the require­ments, salary pay­ments and demands of the dif­fer­ent job pro­files in online mar­ket­ing. At the same time, they will be informed about cor­re­spond­ing fur­ther edu­ca­tion and financ­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties for addi­tion­al job train­ing (sup­port pro­grams). The list­ing of indus­try-spe­cif­ic job por­tals should also help users and course par­tic­i­pants to find the right job for them if desired.

The web­site is only avail­able in Ger­man.

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